That narrative has already been used to troubling effect; in

  December last year, a UK offshoot of a violent US neo-Nazi group posted an image calling for Prince Harry to be shot, accord

ing to a BBC investigation. And they accused him of being a “race traitor” for marrying a mixed-race woman.

  ”Those ideas can enable people and… motivate people to take direct action in a violent

way. There are lots of examples of that in just the last [few] years,” said Hermansson.

  Harry and Meghan’s 2018 wedding was hailed as a moment that

united British society, and cemented the country’s connection with the US; the an

nouncement that a new royal baby was on the way should have bound them still closer.

  But the marriage and the impending arrival of baby Sussex have also exposed divi

sions which a very small group of people are keen to exploit to spread their message of hate.