Presently Liu Bei came up and went to see Kong Rong

Presently Liu Bei came up and went to see Kong Rong, who said, “the enemy is very powerful, and Cao Cao handles his army skillfully. We must be cautious. Let us make most careful observations before we strike a blow.”

“What I fear is famine in the city,” said Liu Bei. “They cannot hold out very long. I will put my troops with yours under your command, while I with Zhang Fei make a dash through to see Tao Qian and consult with him.”

  Kong Rong approved of this, so he and Tien Kai took up positions on the ox-horn formation, with Guan Yu and Zhao Yun on either side to support them.

  When Liu Bei and Zhang Fei leading one thousand troops made their dash to get through Cao Cao’s army, they got as far as the flank of his camp when there arose a GREat beating of drums, and horse and foot rolled out like billows on the ocean. The leader was Yu Jin.

  Yu Jin checked his steed and called out, “You mad men from somewhere, where are you going?”

  Zhang Fei heard Yu Jin but deigned no reply. He only rode straight to attack the speaker. After they had fought a few bouts, Liu Bei waved his double swords as signal for his troops to come on, and they drove Yu Jin before them. Zhang Fei led the pursuit and in this way they reached the city wall.

  From the city wall, the besieged saw a huge banner embroidered in white Liu Bei of Pingyuan, and the Imperial Protector bade them open the gate for the rescuers to enter. Liu Bei was made very welcome, conducted to the residency, and a banquet prepared in his honor. The soldiers also were feasted.

Tao Qian was delighted with Liu Bei,

admiring his high-spirited appearance and clear speech.

Tao Qian bade Mi Zhu offer Liu Bei

the seal and insignia of the protectorship office.

But Liu Bei shrank back startled.